Shades mentioned in MakeUseOf

The yet unfinished album, #Shades, was also mentioned @MakeUseOf by Tina Sieber:
Thanks Tina!


Red Lights Cut The Sky in Milwaukee Networker

Red Lights Cut The Sky from #Shades Promo stuff from #Jamendo mentioned in!stories

Thanks @milwnetworker!

New track: Red Lights Cut The Sky

Here’s the last of the 6 new tracks. The least experimental and alternative. It’s just simply a classic rock oriented, progressive (nearly 14 minutes!), melancholic and melodic (3 soloing guitars) track. Check out: Red Lights Cut The Sky.


New track: The Sunset

Another change of style: The Sunset.


New track: 3200 Phaethon

I think it’s the last track referring to space from the Shades album: 3200 Phaethon.


New track: Cosmic Ray

A bit of changing the genres: Cosmic Ray.


New track: Mutually Assured Destruction

The second track for the upcoming Shades album is: Mutually Assured Destruction.


New track: Face The Poison

Well it’s been a long time since the last upload, so here’s a couple of new tracks. The ideas are rather old, but they evolved week by week. The first track is: Face The Poison.


New track: Phase 03 – Shivers

Track #3/4: Phase 03 – Shivers