New track: Red Lights Cut The Sky

Here’s the last of the 6 new tracks. The least experimental and alternative. It’s just simply a classic rock oriented, progressive (nearly 14 minutes!), melancholic and melodic (3 soloing guitars) track. Check out: Red Lights Cut The Sky.


New track: Mutually Assured Destruction

The second track for the upcoming Shades album is: Mutually Assured Destruction.

New track: Face The Poison

Well it’s been a long time since the last upload, so here’s a couple of new tracks. The ideas are rather old, but they evolved week by week. The first track is: Face The Poison.


New track [links] + album name revealed!

The new track – Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking – from the upcoming album Shades, is now available to listen and download. Prepare yourself for 10 minutes of spacious industrial stoner experiment where drums and electronics meet some heavy ‘n’ dropped tunes!



Instrumental, rock, experimental, metal, electronic, alternative, trip-hop…
Feel the departure mood with Anxious Mind’s first mini-concept album Departure!

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